WpLinkNinja WordPress Plugin Review

What Is WpLinkNinja ?

WpLinkNinja is the new all in one affiliate marketing tool designed to give you access to cloaked links for your promotions as well as full affiliate link hot pages created in seconds that will become the hub of your online affiliate ventures

How Can WpLinkNinja Help You?

Link Clocking:

Wplinkninja is a plug-in designed from the ground up, exclusively for online marketers who have little or no technical knowledge.

To enable them to create cloaked affiliate links in seconds, as well as great looking link collection pages.

Protect & Hide Affiliate Link:

It can be frustrating trying to get your affiliate links in front of the buyers. Having to except loosing commission, that you know should be yours,

because your buyers can see it’s an affiliate link, and they cut you out of the deal.

Build Cool Looking Custom Pages:

Another big problem with affiliate marketing is simply, when you do have all your affiliate links ready to go, how do you show them to the world?

Building cool looking custom pages, for a none tech marketer can be hard work. Well, wplinkninja was created to solve all your problems.

With easy link cloaking and cool link collection pages, to help you build your online business fast, today!

WP LinkNinja-Pros & Cons


High Quality Link Clocker

cool looking Custom Pages

Protect & Hide Your Affiliate Link ( Increase Commission)

No Technical Skill Available

Pre Installed Banner, Headline & more

Free Ebook

Lowest Price

100% money back guarantee


To be honest, there is no cons found ( everything is okay)

So Much More Than Just Another Link Clocker

You Can Build beautifully Affiliate pages with WordPress

Step One –Create You Cloaked Link

Find your affiliate product to promote. When you have your affiliate link from clickbank, warrior or jvzoo, you are ready to start. You will need a name for your link and a category to place it in, so we can group links together later, when you build the hot links pages. Do you wish to have the link fully cloaked? Then add a short description of the product.

Step Two –Create A Recommendation Page.

Build a hot link page, to give your visitors a chance to see a collection of your affiliate promotions. Building the page is as easy as making a few selections from menu boxes. How do you want the page to look? Do you want a video, image or text header? What product links do you want to show on this page? These can be listed by category or date. You can even give you reader a free gift.

Step Three –Style Your Link pages

Style your site pages using the push button menus to quickly create a branded look and feel, across all your pages that will help with conversions and sales. This includes headlines, backgrounds, fonts, borders and lots more. From this page you can add a facebook pixel or place extra affiliate banners on the page. Set your terms and contact pages. Everything you need in one place!


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